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A twenty-five pound weight hanging from a post with a dildo propped inside and a vibrator. A thin cane, the cattle prod shocking her from behind. Tessa doesn't care if she asks permission or not. Afterward, her face is slapped, her tits are clamped and flogged by Tessa.

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Chanta Rose flogs her till she screams through her ball-gag, and she presses a vibrator against her clit. The detention continues with whiteboard exercises, but Veronica has to write with her mouth as her hands are bound. To make it even harder she's also spanked and has a large butt plug pushed up her ass. This is too much for her and she fails to complete the exercise.

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Her body is flexible and holds the marks from canes, rope and whips. Marina can hold the ridiculously demanding positions that PD dreams up and can even take the punishing pain and humiliation that comes with them. She may be the perfect, willing slave.

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A feeling her pussy may be off the streets for her pimp but decides to read a magazine instead. She is bound into an extravagant tie, vibrated to come, and the consequences when she forgets. Blindfolded and handcuffed, she is led to the wash basin for cleaning, all of the dirt and cum better be scrubbed off for next time. Once permitted to see, there is more electroplay, heavy nipple weights and a forced orgasm and a hook in her ass, plastic cock in his pants, pounding her from behind.

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Extreme Tit Torture From Jackson

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Eventually she is permitted to cum but only once she has mastered the art of begging. Now she is shackled spread-eagle on a bed of spikes braised the skin of her ass. And hit and hit some more. A tight reverse prayer tie. He is a smart ass, a muscle boy and totally in over his head when it comes to the farm and gets all tied up and ready for more.

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